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Allah Memberi Kebebasan kepada Manusia : Iman atau Kafir!

أشهد أن لا اله الا الله و أشهد أن محمدا رسول الله
In terms of religion, God gave freedom to man. Although the truth of God, but God has never forced people to believe in Allah and His Messenger. Who wants to believe, then imanlah. Who wants to disbelieve, then the disbelievers.
Even so, God created man according to the nature of religious unity. All babies are born, have a readiness to Muslims. As he grows, he became a pagan or embrace a religion other than Islam, it is because of upbringing from their parents.
For indeed, God never persecuted His servants. If he were to go to hell, because he was none other than himself who has wronged himself.
Allah says, "So glad they gave the news of a painful doom." (Sura Insyiqaaq 24)

The big difference in this world religion, faith or unbelievers, it is the choice of each person. In this world, God does not distinguish between those who believe with those who disbelieve in terms of giving sustenance.
As Abraham never prayed as in His word which means, "And (remember) when Abraham prayed: My Lord, make this country a safer country tranquil, and give sustenance from the fruits to the people who believe them to Allah and the Last Day. Allah says: "And to the person who unbelievers while I give pleasure, then I compel him to the torment of hell and evil is the place back." (QS Al Baqarah 126)

Many of us find, the unbelievers who are successful in the worldly affairs. We need to know, that it is Allah who has provided sustenance to all people, whether heathen or believer. Not only humans, at any reptiles that God also gave sustenance.

We as believers, should not be beguiled by the success of the unbelievers in this world. Because God said, "That was fun while, then their place is Jahannam; and Jahannam it is an evil resting-place." (Surat Ali Imran 197)

From Wednesday Morning Study * By his Al-Ustadz Drs.Ahmad Sukina, on Wednesday, May 3 2010 / 17 Jumada Ula 1431 AH 

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